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Welcome to, home of your cooking and nostalgia from the 40's and Mom and kids share goodies while Dad looks on!50's.  But don't let  the name of this site fool you; even though I have 167 personal recipes and 40 reader's recipes, it's a lot more than just a recipe and cooking site.

I'm Brad, your Host!  Here you will find the aura and feel of a gentler time; a time when things were just simpler and easier to understand.  Each page is accompanied by the wonderful sounds of big band, doo-wop and the songs of yesterday.

Originally starting as strictly a cooking and recipe site, A "rocking" ol' radio.  Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...the Shadow knowsoldetimecooking has now developed into a whole entertainment site.  From television to fads;  music to personalities, oldetimecooking brings you the best of a time gone by along with recipes from my family and friends that bring back the comforting tastes of yesteryear. 


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So come see what I have to offer and visit back each and every month for new articles and recipes from your premier oldie's site,


Brad                  Come on in!


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